Locations throughout the state

Penn State campuses are everywhere you are.

Penn State is a public research university serving Pennsylvania as well as the world. We have a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff.

Some students choose to remain at one campus for all four years, while other students spend their first two years at one campus and transition to another for their remaining two years. To transition between campuses, the only requirement is that you meet the entrance to major requirements for your selected major. The vast majority of our majors can be completed in this fashion. We call it the 2+2 plan and it’s the most common path to a Penn State degree--about 60 percent of our students opt for this path in a typical year.

Students choose this path for many reasons; some for the chance to stay close to home, others to save money. Still others are looking for a particular campus environment, perhaps smaller classes or particular sports. Whatever their reason and wherever their campus, they are excited to embark on their Penn State experience.